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Turn2us Response Fund stories

Molly is an example of someone who has experienced life-changing events which would make her eligible for help from the Turn2us Response Fund

""Molly aged 29 was made redundant from her job as a management consultant in May 2008.  Her fiancé, Steve, was able to cover their rent with his salary, and Molly spent three months searching for work while living off their savings. However, in August 2008, Molly’s world was rocked when Steve was killed in an accident.

While coping with her bereavement, Molly struggled to continue to pay the rent and Council Tax on their home, borrowing money from friends and relatives whilst still searching for a job.  She had to let the tax and insurance lapse on her car, as she could no longer afford the payments.  This had a huge impact on Molly, as her house is miles from any local transport links, and this left her feeling even more isolated.  When her options and money had completely run out, Molly talked to a local Citizens Advice adviser, who helped her to apply for the benefits she was entitled to. She also gave Molly the contact details for a charitable fund.

Grants help

In her application to the charitable fund, Molly explained that being able to run her car again would enable her to regain some independence, and would allow her to travel to interviews without relying on lifts from her friends. The charity provided Molly with a grant towards her transport expenses, which gave her a safety net to fall back on over the next year. She was able to pay for her car insurance and road tax, and she also claimed from the fund when the car broke down and required emergency repairs.

Molly continued to search for work, and after 11 months secured a full-time position at another firm at which point she no longer required financial assistance.

How the grant helped Molly

Molly has said that the grant gave her stability and independence at a time when she thought she would lose everything. Initially she felt embarrassed at having to ask for help from a charity because she was used to being independent and suddenly her life had been turned upside down.  However, she found that she was treated with dignity and said having a caseworker from the charity to talk to on the end of the phone was an additional source of support. Not only was she helped financially but the emotional support made her feel that the charity understood what she was going through.

Date of publication: 27 March 2017