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Turn2us Response Fund

Find out more about our charitable fund which helps people who have had a life-changing event in the last 12 months that has left them in financial hardship.

Lady sitting in a wheelchair in a shopping centre

Giving people financial support when their life turns upside down can be the safety net that stops finances spiralling out of control and offer relief needed to deal with any emotional turmoil.

The Turn2us Response Fund supports people when they need it most - when they are coping with a life-changing event. The fund sets out to help people deal with circumstances such as paying for a funeral, a new bed or cooker, or help with housing costs.

Camilla’s Story

When mum-of-three Camilla’s son was born with a severe disability, her family’s life changed overnight. For the next year she had to be there by his side at the hospital – which meant leaving her job.  Her son couldn’t come home until their new house was adapted to his special needs. But with less money coming through the door, this seemed impossible to make happen. To add to the financial strain, her husband had to cut his hours to look after the family’s two older children.

Camilla received a Turn2us Response Fund grant which helped make the new house a family home for everyone. Some of the money went to buy new curtains to keep the family warm. She also bought a new bed for her daughter, who had her own room for the first time.

“She absolutely loved it," Camilla says. "Seeing her face light up and knowing that it’s been such a tough year with so much happening. It was really nice for us to know that we were able to get those things to make it more of a home for them." Now, with all the family together in one house, life feels a lot less stressful.

“Things are very good now, to be honest.  All of it couldn’t have happened without the help and support we’ve had.”

The Fund gives targeted support to assist individuals to meet the challenges posed by a life-changing event which has happened in the last 12 months. The aim is to help them to improve their situation. Grants are provided for specific needs which are essential to the financial stability, wellbeing and independence of the individual/family to help them to maintain normal daily living.

Things are very good now, to be honest.  All of it couldn’t have happened without the help and support we’ve had.”

Camilla, Turn2us Response Fund grant recipient

Life-changing events

The Turn2us Response Fund can support in events such as:

  • Beginning to live with a disability
  • Bereavement– including funeral costs
  • Domestic abuse
  • Ill health or injury
  • Poor physical or mental wellbeing with a recent diagnosis of a health condition or disability
  • Reduced income through redundancy
  • Reduction in working hours due to ill-health or accident
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Unsafe, insecure or inappropriate housing arrangements
  • Other unexpected occurrences which impacts severely on an individual’s quality of life.

Access to the Turn2us Response Fund

We are working with charities and other organisations to help us reach people in need of financial support to deal with an adverse life event.

Applications to the Response Fund can only be made through intermediaries working for our partner organisations.


“You’re in a little bit of a state of despair. You’re trying to be brave. You try and keep your dignity. When you get a little bit of a hand-up, it makes you think: ‘Oh, okay. Things are turning round now. I’ve got a bit of power here. I’ve got a little bit of money. I didn't expect this. So I’ve got a few more options now.’ And it just builds your confidence up a little bit.

Turn2us Response Fund grant recipient

Turn2us Director of Operation's comment

Alison Taylor, Turn2us Director of Operations, said: “When something unexpected happens in your life, coping with it is made so much harder if it has left you struggling financially. The Turn2us Response Fund aims to take away some of that burden. Through providing timely and compassionate financial support, we help people to move on and to improve their situation.”

Individual's looking for grants

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