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Turn2us Charities/Providers User Guide - Introduction to Turn2us

Introduction to Turn2us

The Turn2us Grants Search database contains details of over 1,500 charitable funds that give grants as well as other support to individuals who may:

  • Be in financial need and have welfare needs

  • Be on a low income and require help with the costs associated with education and training courses.

As well as contact information for each charitable fund, our Grants Search contains the following information on each fund:

  • What it is called

  • Who it helps

  • What help it gives

  • Eligibility criteria (qualifying rules) 

  • Whether enquiries can be made by individuals or intermediaries

  • How to apply

  • Whether the fund accepts online enquiries through the Turn2us website.

The Grants Search has filters to help users select the criteria that apply to them or the person they are seeking a grant for. This helps to narrow down the search to match the person's background and circumstances to funds that may be able to help them.

Where a charity has chosen to include our online enquiry feature, users can also make enquiries directly to the charity through Turn2us.

The Turn2us Grants Search and charities/not-for-profit organisations

Our Grants Search makes it easier for charitable funds to:

  • Access people in financial need who might be eligible for their help and who may be hard to reach by other means

  • Receive enquiries and applications which better match their eligibility criteria, saving time and resources

  • Manage online enquiries through Turn2us

  • Find other funds that may be able to share the cost of expensive items for individuals they are helping.

Every charitable fund listed in the database has its own ‘My Turn2us’ account through which it can access and reply to grant enquiries made by individuals and intermediaries.


About the Grant Search Tool

What is a grant?

Charitable funds often give financial help to people in need who qualify for their help in the form of a grant.
This may be a sum of money, given as a gift or award, so it doesn't have to be paid back. Grants can be given as money, products or services.

Charitable funds are run by grant-giving charities to give grants to people in financial need.

In most cases, charitable funds have been set up to assist people in financial need who have something in common.

See the Turn2us guide: About charitable funds and grants for more information

What is a charitable fund?

Charitable funds give grants to people in financial need who meet their eligibility criteria, using a sum of money that the grant-giving charity has set aside for this purpose.

Some charitable funds also provide other kinds of support and services to the people who they help.

How do I use the Turn2us Grants Search?

Our Grants Search database makes searching for grants much easier.

It contains details of charitable funds in Ireland that give grants to people in financial need, based on their background, circumstances and needs.

In some cases, you can also make enquiries online through Turn2us.

If you are looking for help, you can use the Turn2us Grants Search to build up a picture of your background and situation to find possible charitable funds that may be able to help

What information do I need to do a grants search?

Before you start to use our Grants Search database, we suggest that you collect together the information that you will need if you decide to make an enquiry or application to a charitable fund - for yourself or on behalf of someone else. This will also help you when you are searching for grants.

Read our checklist of information needed to make an enquiry/application to a charitable fund

Are you from a charity on the Grants Search?

If you need to update information about your charity, please contact us.

Email the Grants Search team