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Turn2us Response Fund

Find out more about our new charitable fund which helps people who have had a life-changing event in the last 12 months that has left them in financial hardship.


Young woman with her father

Turn2us has set up a new charitable fund to help the growing numbers of people coming to the charity for financial assistance.

The Turn2us Response Fund will support people when they need it most - when they are coping with a life-changing event, such as:

  • Bereavement– including funeral costs
  • Beginning to live with a disability
  • Domestic abuse
  • Ill health or injury
  • Poor physical or mental wellbeing with a recent diagnosis of a health condition or disability
  • Reduced income through redundancy
  • Reduction in working hours
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Unsafe, insecure or inappropriate housing arrangements
  • Other unexpected occurrences which impacts severely on an individual’s quality of life.

The Fund will give targeted support to assist individuals to meet the challenges posed by a life-changing event which has happened in the last 12 months and help them to improve their situation. Grants will be provided for specific needs which are essential to the financial stability, wellbeing, and independence of the individual/family to help them to maintain normal daily living.

We are working with charities and other organisations to help us reach people in need of financial support to deal with an adverse life event.

The Turn2us Response Fund will accept applications for support from anyone in financial hardship who meets the eligibility criteria.

We are setting up this new charitable fund, to help people when they need it most – and before there is a downwards spiral from which it can be hard to climb up from. Through providing timely and compassionate financial support, we want to assist people as they move on and improve their situation.

Alison Taylor, Turn2us Director of Operations