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The Real Cost of School in 2018

  • 16/07/2018
  • Author:bridgetmccall

Have your say about school costs in the Barnardos Ireland survey

Barnardos Ireland infographic about its school survey 2018
August will be extremely stressful for me as I try to manage food, rent and utility bills as well as back to school costs. I will lose sleep and I will worry." - Barnardos’ School Costs Survey Participant 2017

With all this good weather, it’s hard to imagine that the new school year is right around the corner. However, many parents, like the one quoted above, are already counting down the days to the new term as they struggle to find the money for new books, uniforms and voluntary contributions.

Every year, Barnardos informs the Government just how much parents are spending to send their children to school and reminds the Government of their responsibility to deliver truly free education for all.

If you have a child in school, please spare five minutes to take Barnardos’ School Costs Survey and let the charity know how much you spend getting ready for the new school year.

Take the Barnardos' School Survey

Source (including image): Barnardos Ireland website: Campaigns: School Survey and email (not available online)



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