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Rising rents: Tenants powerless

  • 04/05/2018
  • Author:bridgetmccall

In the face of rising rents and very low housing supply - Simon Communities of Ireland

Mother and daughter

Rents in Ireland have risen by 11.5% in the first three months of this year while the number of properties for rent that are available nationwide continue to decline. They are now 23% higher than they were at their 'Celtic Tiger' peak. This is according to a new report by

The housing and homeless charity Simon Communities in Ireland says that the figures released today demonstrate how tenants are virtually powerless in the face of rising rents and very low supply. It also says that the report was further proof that rent pressure zones should be urgently reviewed as they cannot work with out proper monitoring and enforcement.

Niamh Randall, National Spokesperson for the Simon Communities said that urgent measures to enhance security of tenure and to ensure rent certainty are needed.

She said: "Rent Pressure Zones (RPZ) and other measures cannot work without proper monitoring and enforcement by the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB). Tenants cannot be expected to ‘police’ this private market when they are clearly at such a huge disadvantage with continuously diminishing supply and rising prices. Commitments from Minister Eoghan Murphy need to implemented urgently. Many of the nearly 10,000 men, women and children who are stuck in emergency accommodation come from the private rental sector where they were unable to afford to stay in the homes that they already had. Now they are stuck as the market is so expensive and supply is so low. Policy and legislative measures to increase security of tenure and rent certainty within all tenancies are the building blocks for a stable rental sector and we cannot understand why the Government is so slow to introduce them.
"Low-income families and those in receipt of state housing benefits, if they are lucky enough to find a rental home, are being hit by requests for unreasonable deposits and key money at the commencement of tenancies. The State must legislate for a statutory maximum of one month’s deposit paid at the commencement of a new tenancy. Bearing in mind ongoing revelations about overcrowding and quality in the private rented sector it is essential that an NCT type inspection system is implemented as soon as possible with the necessary enforcement mechanisms and severe penalties."

Do you need help?

If you are homeless or concerned about someone else who is, please contact your local authority.

The following organisations may be able to give you further advice:

National homelessness charities: Threshold, Simon Communities of Ireland and Focus Ireland

Dublin-based homeless charity: Inner City Helping Homeless

Money Advice and Budgeting Service which can advise on debt, including housing, and has information sheets on its website.

You may also find it helpful to look at the Citizens Ireland information on housing

You can use the Turn2us Grants Search to find out if you might be eligible for help from a charitable fund, based on your background, circumstances and needs.


Irish Times article: Housing crisis continues as rents soar past Celtic Tiger highs

Simon Communities media release: Tenants powerless in face of rapidly rising rents

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