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No Child 2020 project launched

  • 21/01/2019
  • Author:bridgetmccall

Irish Times initiative will see a sustained focus on child welfare and children's issues in 2019

Young girl aged about 6

No Child 2020 is a new initiative by the Irish Times, which aims to provide a focus on child welfare and children's issues in 2019.

The project is inspired by the Democratic Programme issued by the first Dáil 100 years ago. Over the coming year, the national newspaper will explore problems facing children in Ireland today and offer solutions that would make the country better for children.

No Child 2020 is supported by the Children's Rights Alliance, a coalition of more than 100 organisations in Ireland, who are launching a campaign on the same theme.

Five principles

There are five principles, set 100 years ago, which remain of concern today:

  • Food – no child should be hungry

  • Shelter – no child should be homeless

  • Health – no child should be without timely, affordable healthcare

  • Education – no child should be blocked from having an education

  • Participation – no child should be excluded from society.

About one tenth – 105,000 – of Ireland’s children grows up in consistent poverty. That means they live in a household with a very low income and go without basics, such as heat or nutritious food.

Child poverty deprives thousands of young people of the opportunity to grow up healthy, to flourish, to reach their potential.

None of this is inevitable. Across the world, there are examples of policies that have helped reduce the numbers of children who go without basic necessities. In Ireland, income supports already reduce the at-risk-of-poverty rate by 60 per cent.

Policy proposals

The Irish Times and the Children’s Rights Alliance have collaborated in drawing up a key goal for each of the five area, with proposals for the first step towards achieving this.

  • Every child will have a hot, nutritious meal every day
  • Every child will live in secure and affordable housing
  • Every child will have access to basic healthcare when they need it
  • Every child will receive free primary education
  • Every child will have the opportunity to take part in community-based arts and cultural activities.


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