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Liam's Story

Using our Grants Search, Liam was able to find a grant to help get him back on his feet.

""Last year Liam, a married father of three came to us in a difficult situation. He had run a plumbing business since 1998 and was earning enough to support his family and generally keep on top of things such as bills.

This then took a turn for the worse because his work started to dry up, the family began to slide into debt and then regulations changed meaning that he couldn’t carry on working without an additional qualification that would cost 1,500 euros.

Without this training, made all the more expensive by taking place over 150 miles from his home, their already decreasing income was set to be hit very hard and to become a serious difficulty. As the couple were in work they were ineligible for support from the state. Things looked bleak.

Turn2us gave Liam a one-off educational grant award of €1,500 to cover the cost of the training and an additional award of €500 for transport and other costs. This enabled Liam to take the qualification he needed, and to begin to rebuild his business, his income and provide for his family.

It is support like that, targeted when and where it can be most effective; that we know can make such a difference.


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