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Please contact us using the details below.


For more information about whether you or someone you know may be eligible to apply for a grant, please contact:

Elena Dickie – Turn2us Ireland Caseworker

Telephone: (0044) 29 2067 4852


Workshops for professionals

If you want to know more about our workshops on Turn2us tools for professionals, please contact:

Courtney Lambert, Turn2us Workshops and Engagement Project Officer

Telephone: (0044) 208 8349 217


Professionals and partnerships

If you are a professional working in the Republic of Ireland and want to know more about Turn2us's work and partnerships, please contact:

Debby Mulling, Turn2us Head of Engagement

Telephone: (0044) 20 8834 9200


Fundraising for Turn2us

If you would like to support our work and find out more about fundraising for us, please contact:

Jamie Grier, Turn2us Director of Development

Telephone: (0044) 20 8834 9230



False Facebook page

We have been made aware that a few people may have been contacted by a Facebook account claiming to be offering help from Turn2us and which has requested money in order to access financial support. Turn2us will never ask you for money in order to help you get access to support.

If anyone has contacted you in this way, please report it to Action Fraud on or 0300 123 2040.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to contact the Face to Face team and not the Grants team?

The roles of Volunteer Support Manager and the Volunteer Support Officers now fall within the Face to Face Services Team rather than the Grants Services Team which was established following the recent strategic review and staffing restructure.  It is part of the Turn2us Operations Department, delivering our work with external partner organisations and volunteers. This includes running our Intermediaries Workshop Programme to train other charities to use our website tools, our online Benefits Calculator and Grants Search and also the operational management of our volunteering programme.

As we expand our volunteering programme in line with our new Volunteering Strategy, the Face to Face Services Team will be supporting all departments with their volunteering needs rather than just the Grants Services Team staff.

What can I do if the training dates and/or venues that have been circulated are not convenient for me?

We have now introduced a Waiting List for individuals who have expressed an interest in attending training but for whom the planned sessions are not suitable.  This will help us to schedule sessions in locations that are more convenient for you.  We are aiming to try to get everyone onto a training course within six months of identifying that it has been over two years since they attended a session.

Why can I not find an old visit report?

Only those visit reports which have been uploaded to the new Volunteers Area will be available to review rather than any previous reports you may have submitted.  If you have not retained a copy of the previous year’s report then please contact the Volunteer Support Officers to ask them to retrieve it from the case file and send it to you.

Why has this area been created?

This new area is part of our new wider Volunteering Strategy to improve volunteers access to resources to support you in your volunteering.  As it is a secure area using Turn2us servers, once you have logged into your volunteer’s account, you will be able to:

• access all your key documents (forms, templates and policies)
• submit visit reports and access past visit reports
• read the latest Turn2us news and information.

This new area also has the added benefit of improving visit data security, while making it easier for you to find everything you need for your volunteering in one place online. It will also make the process of receiving paperwork and returning it much easier and should remove the need for you to keep visit reports electronically on your home computer or as a paper copy.

The volunteer team will provide you with technical support if needed, along  with a user manual which will show help you to log in, provide instructions on how to navigate the area and access the resources you need.  This is just the first stage of the development of this area for volunteers and there will be a second phase once it has been in use for a while when we will review the functionality offered and incorporate suitable suggestions from our volunteer as to what they would like to see in this section of the website. We also plan to create a video tutorial to help you make the most use from this new facility.  

Why do you have register to access this area?

It is important for us to ensure that all individuals seeking access to this area on our website have been confirmed by the Face to Face Services Team as being one of our current volunteers.  This will ensure that only authorised volunteers have access to the resources and support within this secure area.  This is because it may sometimes contain information that is confidential to our volunteers and which should not be accessed by members of the public or unauthorised Turn2us staff.

Who do I need to contact about not receiving any reimbursement for an expenses claim I have made?

All electronic expenses forms should be submitted to the email account, either with your Visit Report Form or separately.  Monies are usually sent to volunteers via BACS payments which occur twice a month, usually in the middle and at the end of each one.  If you have not received funds into your bank account then please contact the team via this account to raise a reimbursement query.

If you have submitted your form by post because you do not use email or because you have sent in receipts, then please ring Joe Mitchell on 020 8834 9250.  We ask for claims with receipts attached i.e. for travel or refreshments, should be sent in by post because we require the original documents in line with our finance procedures and Volunteer Policy.

Why do I keep receiving information on training when I only visit a small number of people and have been volunteering for a long time?

It has always been part of our approach to supporting volunteers that existing volunteers are provided with “refresher” training every couple of years.  For the moment, we are continuing with that model of training because there have been a lot of changes over the last couple of years both with regard to charity staffing structure and also to our grants programme. 

We also have a new Volunteering Strategy that we want to share with our existing volunteers so that everyone is aware of our plans to better support our volunteers and also to increase the number of ways we involve volunteers.  It is also extremely important that we make sure everyone has receiving updated Data Protection Act training with regard to the transmission of personal details of individuals we are supporting and also Personal Safety training.  For these reasons, it is important that everyone attends our current training sessions. 

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